Go to Play Store from the phone or tablet's parent. Search Parenty and install.

Run the application. The first screen also explains how to install.

At the bottom of the screen, following the instructions, select the "Father" option.

In the new screen fill in the registration data of the parent: name, email, password.

Touch Send.

Now you should install and run on mobile or tablet of a child.

In this case, the bottom of the screen, following the instructions, select the "Son" option.

To register the child, you must report your name, but the email and password are the parent (it is the way to create link).

Touch Send.


After installing, it show the application list, which is arranged to select the necessary block Apps (social networking, games, etc.).

Playing the "Settings" tab locking slots, where you can set bedtimes, school hours, and 3 other extras, for example to eat, do homework, etc.

The stripes are organized by work week and weekend.

You can turn on and off the strips to provide for special cases.

Applications and stripes can be changed both from the phone's son (introducing the key) as the parent.

Since the phone's father is first list of children linked. From this screen you can modify the registry father touching the menu, can change the name, email and password.

When selecting a child wishlist Apps opens.

You can select and deselect as in mobile son and modify schedules strips from the tab "Settings".

From this screen, touching the menu you can edit the registry of this child, can change the name and pass linking to other parent / mother. You can also add another person as father / mother (may be grandparents, teachers, psychologists, etc.). To add to others App must be installed previously and provide your email and password.

From this menu you can also delete the profile of the child.

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